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Castle Lozzolo the brothers Berteletti:bottling wines third parties

bottling winesImmediately after the war Berteletti Romulus, my father , and his brothers founded the company that began selling the wine produced in the vineyards owned by the family.

After a few years when sales went up, “Lozzolo Castle” , from which company takes its name, was acquired .

Castle’s cellars are organized with oak barrels for aging wine and it is installed the first fully manual line for the bottling of local wines, Spanna, Gattinara, Barbera ....

Over the years the product range was enlarged by including wines from various regions of Italy and the sale aimed to large scale retail trade.

In 1986 with the untimely loss of my father and the management transfer to me , company policy drastically changed by projecting sales to EEC and non EEC markets.


Since 2005 the winery moved to its current place , a new building , modern and efficient, with the first fully automated bottling line, with a production of 6000 bt per hour, followed in 2008 by a second line to complete the commercial offer .

The complete automation of the production process ensures optimum daily production with good value for money.