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Lozzolo's Castle of Berteletti

Immediately after the war, in 1967, Berteletti Romolo, my father, with his  brothers founds the Company selling wines produced in the vineyards of the family.
Few years later, with the increase in sales, they  bought the Lozzolo's  Castle, from which the Company takes its name.

Wines were held in the castle cellars with oak barrels for the aging and it has been installed the first manual bottling line where are bottled local wines like Spanna, Barbera and Gattinara.

During the years the range of products has been expanded with wines coming from other Italian regions and the sales has been focused on the medium and large retailers.

With the untimely death of my father  in 1986, the management passed to me and I completely changed the company policy directing sales to foreign markets CEE and ExtraCEE.

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In 2005 the company moved to the current cellar, a new modern and efficient building, with the first completely automated bottling line which produces 6000 bottles per hour followed in 2008 by a second line that allow us to complete the commercial offer.

Purposes of our company are to offer Italian high-quality traditional  products characterized by an excellent value for money.

In the new cellar we have been able to satisfy a larger portion of the market increasing considerably the production: in 2013 we produced 16,5 million bottles.

To guarantee a good time to market to our clients and optimize the costs we decided at the end of 2014 to replace entirely one bottle line which has been installed earlier this year: this line produces 13.000 bottles per hours and allowed us to reduce of  20%  the production time.



Currently we bottle DOP and IGP wines coming from several Italians regions and selected suppliers.

Our principles are to provide our customers with products of consistent high quality , complying  with   laws  with a particular attention to food safety.

As part of this development strategy aimed at maintaining achieved  market share and a  full competitive ability , in 2013  we started  a program that brought us to the achievement and maintenance of  Certification of Quality Management System : ISO 22000 , IFS, BRC Certificates.