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Bottling bottles of 0,75 liter

0.75 liter bottle of wine The winery Castello di Lozzolo dei Fratelli Berteletti has been working many years in production, sales and bottling wines in bottles of 0,75 - 1 - 1,5 - 2 liters. Every product comes from highly recommend suppliers from every region of the Boot, many of which have the designation DOP or IGP.


Fratelli Berteletti: quality and safety first of all

The company, that in 2013 the company got quality certification such as ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, offers its decades of experience to offer quality, safety and satisfaction for finale customer.

All steps of the manufacturing process are carried out paying particular attention to compliance with applicable laws, respect for the environment and also to the safety of personnel employed. Every aspect can be customized according to your preference: from the glass bottle, available in several formats (Bordolese, Elegance, Stelvin, Americana ecc), at the cap and capsule. In fact you can choose the cap that you prefer: a screw cap, a traditional cork or a synthetic cork.

From the bottling to the packaging

Bottling bottles of 0,75 literAfter the process of bottling of wines in bottles, takes place the packaging phase with wrap around cardboard without hive from 6 or 12 pieces which allows a safe and stable  transport, without the risk of accidental breakage with relative exit out of the liquid.

With the new modern and efficient winery and the two production lines which guarantee a bottling of wines in bottles of 0.75 liters (or more) of 6000 pieces per hour each, the company Berteletti Wines is able to cope with competence and reliability to every need of end customers, offering great possibilities for customization: from the design of the bottle, until the labeling, for a full and quality service.