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Bottling bottles of 1 liter

Bottiglia di vino da 1 litroThe Fratelli Berteletti's company is the typical example of Italian entrepreneurship, that immediately after war, with many others, made possible the growth of our Country. Born in the middle of the sixties as local wine producer, in one of the greenest region of the State, has continued to expand, focusing on foreign markets, first the market of the CEE and then to North America and China. Today, the bottling of 1l bottles, or of lower or higher capacity, is the main activity of the compay.

From the castle to the hi tech cellar

With the passage of the company from the Lozzolo's Castle to the current cellar, the Fratelli Berteletti's company can satisfy toll manufacturing services by using to completely automated production lines.

Bottiglia di vino da 1 litroThose ensure maximum hygiene conditions, using also special cleaners and boiling water to sanitize and paying great attention to microbiological control.

The 1 liter bottle
During the daily production, that can reach the 80/90 thousand bottle per day, the 1 liter bottle's production can use Bordolese bottles, with cork or with screw cap. Those are then packed in six bottle boxes, ready for the market.

The labeling can be done either with the traditional label paperglue, which made the history of many products, or with the newest self-adhesive label which can be customized on request.