Bottling bottles of 2 liter

Bottiglia di vino da 0,75 litriThe hi tech cellar
The winery Castello di Lozzolo dei Fratelli Berteletti, active since the 60's of the last century, is specialized in bottling wines in bottle of different capacity: 2l, 1,5 l, 1 l  and 0,75 l using DOP and INP wines, coming from different Italian region and sometimes abroad.
The two production lines are completely automated and able to bottle 90 thousand bottles per day. The closing of the bottle can be done with the screw cap or with a cork cap, which can be also synthetic: either ways ensure a perfect closing a optimal preservation of the product.

The bottling
The two hi tech production lines guarantee a perfect oenological bottling. After that the bottles are washed  by the rinsing machine, which removes any dust and dirt, a roller transports bring them to the filling machine that fills the bottles with the wine homogeneously.

Next, the bottles pass under the capping machine and then is time for labeling, that the company is able to do through paperglue label or self adhesive label, according to the customer's preferences.

Bottling bottles of 2 liter

The bottling of 2 liters bottle is a delicate moment because everything must be done with the maximum care and professionalism to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the wine.

Moreover, the wine-making equipment in stainless steel provide the maximum hygiene and safety. The 2-liter bottles are sealed with screw caps, which ensure a tight seal and trouble-free flavor. They are then conveyed to the packaging with cardboard wrap around without hive and are ready for the delivery.


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Bottling bottles of 0,75 liter


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Bottling bottles of 1,5 liter


Bottling bottles of 2,0 liter

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