Bottling with Synthetic Cork

Bottling with Synthetic CorkThe bottling wine: essential phase for a good quality production.

 The bottling phase is delicate because, once the bottle is closed with its cork, the wine must to conserve all its quality and its flavor until the pour moment.  That's one of the many reasons why it’s better to rely on expert companies like Castello di Lozzolo of Fratelli Berteletti, that since the 1967, thanks to its success and its growth, is able to bottle wine DOP and IGP coming from different Italian region for the foreign market.

The company works with two completely automated production lines which can reach a good daily production using bottles of different capacities and different closures systems.

The system of screw cap bottling, used by Fratelli Berteletti, allows to eliminate the problem of cork taint which characterizes all those wines not properly bottled:  his practice closure capsule, coated aluminum, ensures proper storage of wine allowing you to store the bottle horizontally even without running the risk that the wine spill.

In their new cellar, Fratelli Berteletti, can counts on advanced machinery that ensure a production cycle at high performance, such as those used for bottling synthetic cork + capsule: a system characterized by high technological efficiency and also appreciated aesthetically and for a production value-for-money.

In addition to the bottling of the wine, Fratelli Berteletti, are able to label the bottles with the classic  paperglue label or even the more modern self-adhesive labels to customize: all of this is for fully satisfy all customer needs.


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