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Screw Cap Bottling

Screw Cap BottlingThe Fratelli Berteletti's company, which name is Castello di Lozzolo, is on the market for almost 50 years, and is specialized in the wine bottling in bottles of different capacity: 2 l, 1,5 l, 1 l and 0,75 l.
The two completely automated production line are able to bottle thousands bottles per hours, all perfectly homogeneously thanks to automated filling machines. The screw cap bottling is preferred for the most of production, but a part of it is  still bottled using  the traditional cork cap which can be also synthetic, even if it is less practical .

Wine technology
The two hi tech completely automated production lines, ensure maximum cleanliness and safety, which are two of the most important aspects for the company.

The rinsing machine perfectly rinse bottles, the filling machine remove the excess air, the corking machine weld the bottle tightly and bottling wines continues sealing bottles with aluminum caps, which can be customized.

The labeling is the last step of the bottling process. After the  bottling  is completed it’s time for packaging with cardboard wrap around in boxes of six or, in the case of the 0.75 liter bottles, also 12.

The future cap
The bottling with screw cap is the most practical because it allows you to store bottles without any problem, because it eliminates once and for all , the problem of cork taint, because it allows you to reseal the bottle each time it's opened and also because it will lead to a necessary standardization of closures.

In fact there is always more people that accept this new closure.