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Self-Adhesive and paper glue labels for bottles

Self-Adhesive and paper glue labels for bottlesThe company Berteletti wines was founded in 1967 in order to sell the wines produced with grapes from their own vineyards, today the focus is on bottling and labeling wine bottles customized by the customer himself, according to his needs and preferences. This transformation was made possible thanks to the new cellar, built in the 2005, and the completely automated production line which can bottles 6000 bottles per hour. This first line in 2008 was supplemented by a second, and this has allowed the company  to reach, in 2010, 13 million pieces.

Great choice in the range of bottling

The system includes, at the choice of the customer, the ability to use cork or screw cap bottling. Who produces DOP and IGP wines, in company Berteletti can take advantage of the system of bottling wines with a lot of choices in the form of the bottle among  Bordolese, American, Elegance  etc., and other choice also in the capacity,  in fact, it's possible choose between bottling wines in bottles of 0.75, 1, 1.5 and 2 liters.

Labeling for all tastes

Anyone who has a cellar knows that the labels for wine bottles are the first communication between the customer and the manufacturer, for this reason it is of central importance.
Berteletti wines offers a wide choice in the labeling system. It may be conducted with or paperglue label or with adhesive labels that allow a better versatility as it can be shaped in different forms and produced in several pieces.
The choice of the labeling does not end here because they can be made ​​labels with different types of paper, from laid paper which offers ancient sensations to the most modern clay coated and metalized paper and using gloss or opaque paint.
Once that the shape and the type of paper are chosen remains the customization that can be performed with finishes in gold or silver.