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Wrap Around Cardboard Packaging with no hive

Wrap Around Cardboard Packaging with no hiveThe flavor and the qualities of a wine depend  not only from the grapes and the processing method used, but also on the type of casing used. Relying on an appropriate and durable packaging means giving added value to the product and preserve all the features. In this context, the packaging with cardboard wrap around without hive offers all the security and elegance sought after by both the client and the consumer.

The importance of experience in bottling wine
The competence of the Company Castello di Lozzolo is the result of a manufacturing tradition that has its roots in the immediate post-war period.

Today, the business continues with the same passion  alongside the more traditional methods to the latest innovations in technology and business cycles.

The Winery Castello di Lozzolo offers to its users a professional and attentive service in the packaging: through the method wrap around, the company offers a packaging that can protect the items during transport and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

This procedure allows you to create rigid and compact packaging and made ​​to measure in relation to the product.

Bottling of wines: the importance of the customer
For the Winery Castello di Lozzolo it’s essential to provide its customers a service built around the individual specific needs. From the sizes of the bottles to the different types of closures, such as screw caps and synthetic corks, the intent is to offer an exclusive, personalized product with the highest quality standards.

Thanks also to the packaging with cardboard wrap around without the hive articles are presented always so careful and attractive: the Winery Castello di Lozzolo knows that packaging is the calling card of the product and want it to be functional, flawless and attractive.